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Arches, Azoren
Pearl Beach Resort and Spa , Bora Bora
Ahu Tongariki, Eastern Island
Yemaya beach, Nicaragua
Tropical island, half above and underwater
Secret beach, Philippines
Ada Foah, Ghana
La Caravelle, Guadeloupe
Düden Waterfalls, Turkey
Lac Abbé  Sunset,  Djibouti
Canareef, Maldives
Japanese seaplane, Palau
Infinitypool Hilton, Mauritius
Petra by Night, Jordan
Ponta Da Piedade, Portugal
Dead Vlei, Namibia
Seenu Meddhoo Hehraa, Maldives
Picasso Gallery, Bahama's
Wadi Rum desert, Jordan
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Ta Prohm, Cambodia
Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

One of the uses of the photos above is a panoramic wall. Such a wall gives you the idea that you can zone out from the busy world for a while. There are diverse themes because of the various landscapes or locations, which each deliver a completely different atmosphere. Think of a panoramic wall with the pearly white beaches of the Seychelles, a beautiful snow landscape in Lapland or even a place of interest from your own area!

Many compact cameras take panoramic photos, but with limited size. With a motorized tripod head, high resolution photos are made fully automatically by taking multiple pictures in one go. This way, a panoramic photo is accurately built up out of several rows and hundreds of gigapixels. After photographing, all of the tens or even hundreds of photos are being put together into one. The results are incredible… A panoramic photo with a resolution of a few gigapixels full of detail (one gigapixel is 1000 megapixels).

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