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I started diving in 1974 as a boy of 11 years old and bought my first camera in 1980 while studying at the Graphic Lyceum. After that I started to focus on underwater photography. Because of the expensive photo slide-and-rolls in the analogue period, my hobbies were mainly limited to the better diving and vacation photos. At the age of twenty-one I became a military diver where I was trained as a combat and recovery diver. After that I became a diving instructor and I managed a diving school in the Netherlands for over 25 years. In the meantime I have continued to develop in photography. My work is often described as controversial. In addition to travel and underwater photography, I specialize in super panoramas.


A lot of my work can be found in public indoor swimming pools at municipalities and recreation parks in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. These are mainly panoramic photos from both above and underwater that are printed on walls up to 75 meters long! For this I travel all over the world and can be found somewhere almost every month. In the meantime I have visited more than 125 countries and have gained a lot of experience in practical matters, and have learned how to quickly adapt to the environment and to people. I am always looking for other angles, other perspectives and other approaches. The result should always be a beautiful picture.

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