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Book 'Stretching World'

Book 'Stretching World'


You can only regret things you haven't done. That's the life motto of Stan de Haas, photographer and experiential architect. In his quest for rare pieces of unspoiled nature, he ends up in the most extraordinary places on our planet. From the pristine white beaches in French Polynesia to the dense jungles in Rwanda and the enchanting Wadis in Oman. A book for every adventurer who wants to travel off the beaten path.


In "Stretching World - a customized panoramic travel guide," you'll find inspiration for your next journey. How do you discover the phenomenal places on our planet? A book filled with stunning panorama photos, personal stories, and useful tips and tricks for planning your dream trip.


Stan de Haas (1963) is a photographer, experiential architect, and diver. He's a traveler at heart and has visited more than 125 countries in his lifetime. For his work, he travels the world with his camera to capture photos, mainly super panoramas.

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